Jaime Mann

Jaime Mann is a Leadership Speaker and Connection Cultivator. Her keynotes are for leaders and humans who want more learning, excitement, clarity, success, and, of course, connection.

Jaime leverages her experience as a woman in leadership, busy mom, recovering perfectionist, and business owner to teach, inspire, and empower your group.

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Book A Pardon My Possibility Keynote

Have you ever wondered why you generally don’t feel excited and fulfilled with your life?
You see other leading lives that, by comparison, seem amazing and full of possibility.
Sure, you’ve done some things and you’ve accomplished some stuff, and yet…something is missing. You just can’t seem to bring meaningful, big change in your life.

Get ready to grab hold of your possibility and move from self-sabotage to self-mastery. In this keynote, you’ll gain insights into tangible personal development tools and discover ways to initiate a transformative journey of self-discovery and personal growth.
It’s time to finally let your true self sparkle!

Learning Objectives:

  • Discover the scientifically proven formula for happiness and meaning
  • Understand the power of your stories
  • Learn how to reframe thoughts that are no longer serving you
  • Be inspired and uplifted to go after what you truly want

*Please note that this keynote can be customized according to the audience and delivered in person or virtually. 

Pardon My Possibility:
The Path to Self-Mastery and Authentic Living

Keynote Option 1 

Book An AMBITIOUS Conversations Keynote

Are you unsure of how to have challenging conversations?

First, let’s reframe them into something less terrifying!
Ambitious conversations are actionable when you have clarity and confidence. In this insightful keynote, you’ll gain the knowledge necessary to turn discomfort and defensiveness into energy and engagement.

The moment has come to transform difficult conversations into agents of positive change!

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand how your boundaries impact your communication
  • Discover the easiest way to build trust and reduce discomfort
  • Build your self-awareness and grow your confidence
  • Learn how you can refine your approach for the best outcomes

*Please note that this keynote can be customized according to the audience and delivered in person or virtually. 

 How to Have Ambitious Conversations
That Make a Difference:
Navigating Discomfort to Foster Engagement

Keynote Option 2


Ambitious Leaders




Recovering Perfectionists

 Humans Who Want More


Jaime recently delivered a keynote titled "Connected Leadership" for the Winnipeg Chapter of CSC (Construction Specfications Canada). Watch her talk below!

Jaime recently delivered a keynote titled "Connected Leadership" for the Winnipeg Chapter of CSC (Construction Specfications Canada). Watch her talk below!


Podcast Appearances

Looking for real and relatable insights that redefine our approach to leadership?

Jaime appears on podcasts regularly. Her discussions are always filled with actionable ideas and research-backed frameworks that any leader can implement.

For starters, tune in to this episode where Jaime discusses what to do when you’re drowning in your workload and how to shift your mindset to start living the life you desire.

Real talk – backed by data.



Jillian Schofield,
Senior Project Coordinator (she/her)

Jaime has an incredible speaking style and her powerful and authentic insights really resonate with me
and my experience. Her messaging is relatable, powerful, and motivating - I love that she speaks to her
own genuine experience in life and her career. Jaime encouraged me to think broadly about myself, my
relationships, my choices, and my goals. I felt motivated, driven, and understood when listening to
Jaime. I felt like she could relate and understand my experience, and I trust the input and advice she provides.

“I’ve seen Jaime at multiple events, and I would recommend that everyone must see her if they have the opportunity! Whether it’s a crowd of 20 or 200, she keeps everyone captivated, inspired and always allows the opportunity for a good laugh in her presentations. Her topics on leadership, confidence and mental health, as they relate to work or personal life, can truly connect with everyone. She guides you to ask the hard questions and challenges you to think about your own values and purpose. Her confidence and enthusiasm are honestly infectious.”

Kat Kreftsun
Lead Specifications Writer

Terri Randall
Business Owner

Jaime delivered an exceptional presentation on authentic leadership at our CSC luncheon. She was well-prepared, professional, and her witty, relatable style resonated with the audience. Working with her was a pleasure, and I highly recommend her as a speaker. I look forward to working with Jaime again in the future.