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Advisor, Coach, and Connection Cultivator. Helping high-performing women connect with themselves and the teams they lead.

Jaime Mann




Partner with Jaime to unlock your team’s potential. Customized for your specific needs, her engaging programs blend coaching and training and will bring about the positive organizational transformation you’ve been dreaming about.

organizational effectiveness

Leading others involves a lot more than delegating tasks. It’s a lifelong journey that requires courage, honesty and awareness. In today’s transactional and disconnected world, Jaime will help you expand your leadership capabilities and transform your teams.


Self confidence doesn’t just happen – it needs to be built and reinforced. Jaime will help you take meaningful steps that lead to true empowerment and personal freedom.

Growth & Transformation

Leading others begins with leading self. Build your self-trust, live your values, and influence others. Cultivate a powerful connection with yourself, and watch your work, relationships and opportunities transform. 

Who Jaime Helps

Jaime’s coaching services are designed to help leaders to let go of old habits and patterns that aren’t serving them so they can craft the lives they feel meant to experience. For high achievers who want to lead themselves in a way that feels authentic to them.

Do Business Without A Disconnect

Straight Talk Backed By Data

Comprehensive, sensible, and effective is the name of the game with Jaime. She brings a research-backed approach to her coaching practice, combining data-driven methodologies, frameworks, tools, and techniques with positive psychology, behavioural science, mental health science, leadership development, and self-belief work.

"The pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist expects it to change. The leader adjusts the sails.” – John Maxwell

Jaime’s Qualifications

3 Easy Steps To Unlock Your Potential

Jaime is an associate Certified Coach (aCC), Gallup certified strengths coach,  and member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and the Canadian Positive Psychology Association (CPPA). She is currently completing her masters in the Psychology of Leadership. 

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It is my privilege to know Jaime Mann - initially on a professional level and now on a personal level as a friend. Whether it was delivering a service to Jaime as a customer, trusting her to deliver her services to my clients, working with her as part of a team for many government projects or mentoring her as an affiliate of my company, Jaime is continually surpassing my expectations and inspiring me to be better and to do better. Integrity, curiosity, humility, resilience and intelligence are what come to mind when I try to describe Jaime to others.

Dr. Lewena Bayer, CEO Civility Experts Inc.

It was an absolute pleasure to partner with Jaime for a recent internal event at our organization. From our first meeting, I knew she would exceed our expectations. Jaime brings a wealth of experience and knowledge in many areas - our focus was Imposter Syndrome. Her keynote was interactive, through provoking and most importantly, left us with tools to use moving forward. I would highly recommend Jaime to bring impact to your organization.

sandra rauhaus, learning and development manager, sysco 

Jaime is an incredible coach. She is intelligent and kind and her use of humour makes her so approachable and disarming. I appreciate her ability to be honest with me during our coaching sessions while also giving me grace. Every call feels like a deep, meaningful conversation with an old friend where you never feel judged – even if she calls me out.
I have come away more confident with what I know and more curious about what I don’t.

Melissa, Research and Extension Specialist at Manitoba Beef Producers

Jaime has a wonderful presence that reflects her desire to help others and her ability to make others feel safe to explore and get curious.

Her background enables her to connect with others in a unique way. My favourite thing about her is her laugh that lights up every conversation.

Sheri Lawrence, VP Learning & Development, Studio Movie Grill

You only need to be around Jaime for a bit of time to get the sense that she is a true cheerleader for woman-kind! She really wants success for us all (however that looks for us as individuals.) Jaime is a keen listener and very intentional with her thoughts and words while making connections with people. Her overall playful/sassy and genuine nature make it feel like you are with a bestie immediately. I am able to put it all out there with her, and never feel judged. I look forward to my conversations with her and always leave with new ideas and next steps.

Tamara Ward,
Library Manager

I had the privilege of working with Jamie as my coach, and I couldn't be more grateful. Jamie is not just a coach; she is a partner, a listener, and a source of profound insight. I can confidently say that Jamie has played a pivotal role in my journey towards becoming the best version of myself. If you're seeking a coach who will partner with you, truly listen, provide invaluable insights, offer exceptional value, and leave you feeling motivated and empowered, I wholeheartedly recommend Jamie. She is a true gem in the world of coaching, and I am eternally grateful for the positive impact she has had on my life.

Director, HR

Jaime really is the complete package. She has deep knowledge about leadership development and coaching combined with a dynamic energy that always keeps you engaged. She is a true professional, consistently delivering training and developing course content that aligns with our members’ needs.
People who take Jaime’s courses always have incredibly positive things to say; she is creative and easily adapts to the needs of the room. She's got a great sense of humor and her energetic and engaging teaching style keeps things interesting. Can’t wait to read her first book!

Manager, Learning & Development

I have known Jaime for over 20 years, and have reached out to her many times when I feel challenged. She listens intently, and asks amazing questions that provide me with clarity. Jaime is very relatable, authentic, and fun! Her nonjudgmental approach really allows me to get to the root of things. Time spent with her is valuable and insightful, but also realty enjoyable!


Having known Jaime for years and seeing her in action, I can wholeheartedly attest to her exceptional coaching abilities. Her energy and enthusiasm are infectious, creating a motivating and empowering environment for her clients. Jaime possesses a rare combination of attentiveness and intuition, ensuring that each individual feels heard and understood. Anyone fortunate enough to work with her will experience transformative growth and invaluable support.


Jaime's ability to create a safe and nurturing space for women to share their deepest concerns is genuinely notable. From the first session, I felt a sense of trust and openness, allowing me to delve into my personal challenges without reservation. Jaime's authenticity shines through in every interaction, fostering an environment where vulnerability is accepted and celebrated. 

What sets Jaime apart is her persistent transparency. she doesn't just talk the talk - she walks alongside her clients.

Catherine pearson
Trainer, mediator and coach

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“Amaryllis” means to sparkle in Greek.

Once the amaryllis bulb blooms, this beautiful, hardy plant can live up to 75 years – truly amazing, no? The ideas of resilience and maturity combined with beauty and longevity was the inspiration for the company.

And why “project”? Well, we are all projects, aren’t we? To me, that’s exciting – we always have somewhere to grow.

The Amaryllis Project,
a coaching and advisory company founded by Jaime Mann in 2021.